Optimizing LLM latency

  • Fastest Inference: mlc stands out as the fastest, prompting a need to assess its quality despite its impressive speed.
  • Favorite Tool: CTranslate2 is the preferred choice due to its speed and user-friendliness, supported by excellent documentation. It lacks distributed inference unlike vLLM.
  • vLLM Performance: vLLM is also fast but CTranslate outperforms it in speed. However, vLLM supports distributed inference, making it suitable for larger models.
  • Text Generation Inference (TGI): An acceptable choice for deploying HuggingFace LLMs traditionally, but not as swift as vLLM. Offers features like telemetry and HF ecosystem integration. Note that TGI’s licensing has become more restrictive as of 7/28/2023, potentially limiting certain commercial uses.
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