The History of Open-Source LLMs: Better Base Models (Part Two)

  • Value of Open-source LLM Research: Aims to democratize influential technology; despite initial struggles and criticism, open-source LLMs gained popularity and significance.
  • Early Challenges: Initial open-source LLMs performed poorly and faced criticism, posing difficulties for advancement.
  • Transformative Research Line: Focuses on enhancing open-source LLMs, leading to high-performing pre-trained models accessible to all.
  • Significance of High-Performing Models: Creation of powerful, cost-effective pre-trained LLMs revolutionized research accessibility.
  • Series Overview: Part two of a three-part series on open-source LLM history. The first part explored initial open-source LLM attempts.
  • Study Focus: This overview delves into the most popular open-source base models, emphasizing pre-trained models not yet fine-tuned or aligned.
  • Future Exploration: Subsequent installment will discuss fine-tuning and alignment of models for diverse practical applications.